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ClearBluYoga offers yoga and meditation instruction with loving energy to support others in their personal journey.


The idea of ClearBluYoga came to me one summer day while I was floating on a lake under a clear blue sky. From that peaceful repose, I had a clear vision of the next step in my life’s journey: that I would share the tools of yoga that I’ve practiced, studied and taught over the years, with an additional focus on meditation and guided relaxation.

The yoga teachings are based on a philosophy and tools. We are able to create a deeper sense of awareness using the tools of asana (postures), pranayama (breath techniques) and meditation. Yoga provides the tools to notice and approach any obstacles along our journey with compassion and kindness.

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”  —Mahatma Ghandi


Connect the body, mind and spirit in a yoga practice that combines breath with movement to stretch, strengthen, balance and relax. All students are welcome. Meet privately or in a group.


Students learn how to meditate using different techniques. Mental focus awakens us beyond the conditioned mind and its habitual thinking, ultimately revealing the nature of reality.
Meet privately or in a group.


Guided relaxation includes breath awareness, posture alignment queues, and guided meditation techniques to lead the student into a deeper state of relaxation. This may be combined with Yoga philosophy and techniques for personal practice. 30 and 60 minute sessions available.

Meet privately, in-person, or remotely via Skype, FaceTime or phone. 


Yoga (private): "I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you … for being the perfect studio for my husband and I to discover our love of practicing yoga.  It's been a year since we began with you and the benefits - both physical and psychological - are incalculable. My heartfelt thanks"

Yoga (group): "Alison offers a practice rooted in compassion. Her classes are thoughtfully crafted to meet everyones needs, and I have benefited greatly from her guidance. As an active explorer in her field, Alison is always bringing new insights and techniques to share with her students. Alison is surely an inspiration to all seeking joy and peace in the their lives." Kadee

Meditation (private): "I became more relaxed more centered, more grounded and more clear in my being. I liked the way that intention was used during the guided meditation... it meant that I was engaged in the process and constantly brought back to my own sense of integrity."  Tamsin

Meditation (group): "I love Alison's group meditation class. She creates a space that feels safe, warm and inviting for meditation... a loving environment. Each time we meet she offers a focus for our practice, such as monthly themes, poems, readings, information about chakras, and a variety of breathing techniques, all of which have enhanced my meditation experience. She is affirming to beginners..." Lassie

Guided Relaxation: "Yes, I felt as if a huge emotional block was lifted from my heart. Once again, I felt a positive shift in energy-restoration of my feel-good energy, I also gained a lot of insight from this session." Dana

“After our session, I felt like I had experienced a release and felt much more energy than before I came to you that morning. I felt more capable of doing tasks that seemed daunting-it felt like I had more inner strength. It was very good timing to see you because I had been switching asthma medications and was worried if my health would decline in the process…”  Amanda


992 NE High Street

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(425) 753-4797

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